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RYE CHUAN ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. is a professional brush manufacturer located in Taichung. We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing on all kinds of brushes used in various fields (electronics, printing, steel, paper, textile, food, metal processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, woodworking furniture, etc.)! There are various processing equipment and experienced manufacturing personnel in the factory. We can design and produce a variety of brush products according to the requirements of customers.

Product Categories: high temperature resistant brush, flame retardant brush, cleaning dust nylon brush wheel, conductive brush, antistatic brush, dust retaining brush, stainless steel wire brush wheel, wire brush wheel, silicon sand (silicon carbide SIC) nylon wheel brush, alumina (AO) nylon wheel brush, diamond abrasive nylon brush, ceramic abrasive nylon brush, deburring brush, belt nylon brush, horizontal dust cleaning system, plant fiber (white Brown) brush, animal hair brush, brush table, industrial brush, bolt type brush, wood sand, light brush, latex foam product, sponge wheel, air wheel.

It is our honor to solve problems of using various brushes for customers. Your advices are welcome!